All rained out games through 7/3 have been rescheduled; new schedules have been posted below:

Monday nights- please be sure to use the schedules with 6/19/18 in the lower right corner

Tuesday nights – please be sure to use the schedules with 7/25/18 in the lower right corner READ CAREFULLY, MANY CHANGES TO THE BALANCE OF THIS SCHEDULE

Wednesday nights -please be sure to use the schedules with 6/20/18 (6/24/18 Men’s B) in the lower right corner 

Thursday nights – please be sure to use the schedules with 6/21/18 (7/1/18 Men’s D) in the lower right corner

Friday nights – please be sure to use the schedules with 6/30/18 (7/2/18 Men’s C P1 & D P2) in the lower right corner

All rainouts through 7/3/18 have been rescheduled.

6-19-18 Monday Coed Pool 1 schedule             6-19-18 Monday Coed Pool 2 schedule

Tuesday Men’s C as of 7-25-18                          Tuesday Women’s B as of 7-25-18

Tuesday Women’s C as of 7-25-18                    Tuesday Women’s E as of 7-25-18

6-24-18 Wednesday Men’s B schedule             6-20-18 Wednesday Men’s C schedule

6-20-18 Wednesday Men’s D schedule             6-20-18 Wednesday Women’s E schedule

6-21-18 Thursday Men’s B-C Schedule             7-01-18 Thursday Men’s D Schedule

6-21-18 Thursday Women’s D Schedule

7-02-18 Friday Men’s C P1 Schedule                 6-30-18 Friday Men’s C P2 schedule

6-30-18 Friday Men’s D P1 schedule                 7-02-18 Friday Men’s D P2 schedule



Monday, February 5th, 2018

Dates to Remember:

March 5 – Registration and Fees due March 10 – Men’s Snowball Tournament March 11 – Coed Snowball Tournament March 25 – 13th Easter Egg Hunt         April 2 – Roster and Fees due