Click on your night of play and scroll until you find your schedule.  Standings will be up and running as soon as the technical issues are worked out.

Schedules are current as of June 8, 2017.

  Monday as of 6-8-17 – field changes to Men’s C and Coed Lower Pool 1 – SCHEDULE Changes to Coed Upper and Coed Lower Pool 2   

Tuesday as of 5-22-17 – Women’s E Updated 5/22/17

Wednesday as of 5-17-17

Thursday as of 5-22-17 – Women’s D Updated 5/22/17

Friday as of 5-21-17

If you have a 7 team league, your original schedule had 24 games and it should have only had 22; therefore, the week one rainouts will NOT be rescheduled.

We wanted to let you all know that we are aware there are no standings posted at this time. There are issues with the “plug in” used and the company that currently maintains our website is working on this issue.  In the meantime, we are trying to come up with another way to get standings posted.  Thank you for understanding, and in the meantime, if you know of another program or “plug in” that would work, please contact Angie at
RCSA Board